I have always loved reading and writing, from as far back as I can remember. I loved both stories, poems and non-fiction as a child and it is the same for me now. I almost always have a novel, a biography or some non-fiction book on the go at the same time. And of course, my beloved Kindle, packed with dozens of books, goes everywhere with me. I have a fairly eclectic taste in reading, depending on my mood or how busy I am at any one time. I do love a good thriller or crime novel, though, especially when snuggled up in my bed on a cold winter’s night, with the wind howling outside for good, atmospheric effect. There’s many a night I’ve been too scared to turn out the light and that’s only with Harry Potter, so forget Stephen King.

My father was a writer and he would often write stories and poems for us. In those days, he wrote everything by hand, so it’s hard to imagine in this technological age what it must have been like to write, then edit, using pen and ink. It’s bad enough nowadays with word processing being so comparatively easy. I can’t begin to think of editing by hand. Shudders.

My dad died many years ago, so I often think what he would make of all the changes in book publishing today. He was far more interested in the writing, rather than in recognition or monetary gain, especially with his plays, some of which were performed on the BBC radio drama hour in his day.

Like my Dad, novel writing is a very enjoyable hobby for me, rather than a career. In my ‘real’ job I do a tremendous amount of writing, but in a more academic, (yes, some might even say boring!) field. I find writing to be a great escape from all the things that annoy/bug/stress me in the real world. It is pure therapy and I love it. Also, I think fiction-writing is great because you get to make up stuff, a bit like lying, but you get away with it under the guise of artistic license.

A few people have asked why I do not have a photograph on my Twitter avatar. Well, first of all I am extremely ugly and can scare babies from as far as a hundred paces away. However, the main reason is my job, which precludes me from divulging who I am or where I work. I will therefore have to remain mysteriously anonymous under my author name (at least until I give up the day job!)

Watch this space.


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  1. Hi Jenny, I enjoyed the visit and especially getting to know you a little better. CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! On your new blog. PJ Webb

  2. congratulations on your blog, Jenny!

  3. Nice blog, Jenny Wren!…and ALL fiction writers are, of a necessity, liars! LOL

  4. Hi Jenny love this blog when I saw the French Dictionary it brought back memories the time I took up French in High School In Zimbabwe, then Rhodesia, Africa. Thanks so very much and wishing you the best always

  5. And the Oxford Dictionary as well, I did not realize coming to the USA that they have their own Webster dictionary. Took me by surprise. We never cease to learn every day of our lives

  6. Hi, Jenny! Even though I couldn’t like your FB page that day, I enjoy knowing you and loved this piece. I call writing my “cheap therapy,” similar to your take on it. Have a great Columbus Day weekend. – Aaron

  7. Hi Jenny!
    Thank you for the follow. I enjoyed your charming “About me” and there’s no way I will believe you scare babies from 100 feet. This past Saturday, at my book signing at a large grocery store, a tiny baby, maybe 6 months or so, made eye contact with me from about 20 feet away. With the American Thanksgiving approaching people were filling their carts to heaping, which required long lines of waiting, so the baby had time to spot me. I was charmed, and walked up and told the mother. She did smile, but….
    Anyway, nice to meet you,
    James W. Nelson

  8. I’m from Texas, so I was interested in your having a Texan as a character in your novel. That’s great!

    • Thanks Kim,
      I spent four years in Houston and spent a lot of time at NASA, from where Sophie emerged in my imagination. She is a great, strong, Texan gal!

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed the read, Jenny. However, I am now somewhat intrigued and mystified. I can only imagine that you spying on someone from our shared bench and hope it’s not me!

  10. Congrats Jenny on your new blog! I enjoyed reading it.

  11. Hi Jenny enjoyed your blog , I suspect there’s more to your fibs than could meet Grunch’s ( Character of mine) eye ,I love fantastic , one our cats , will respond to me waving my arms about at the window , it’s my form of asking if he’d like to come in , and he will make strange movements , saying yes please , but not always . Thank you for your response from twitter , I’m always pleased with any contact , do you like any of my work ? Of course that is no demand , if you choose to tape your fingers over , do so.

  12. So now I wonder where you work and whether the mystery in your writing really comes from what you in your “day job.” FBI agent? I’ve actually spoken with one and they really do say, “We can neither confirm nor deny [this or that has happened].” HA! So spill. What DO YOU DO?? during the day….

  13. Dear Jenny, I feel privileged that you have taken an interest in my paltry efforts to write. I grew up having to face all the problems that were labelled as ‘word blindness’ in 1945, when as a left-handed child I was quite viciously forced to be right handed. It was only the arrival of a computer in my life that gave me back my power to express myself fully on the page. Even today I am unsure of myself and fear the ridicule that i had to cope with as I grew up. Drama gave me the means to be articulate. You are part of a lovely group of people I have met through the web, who have encouraged me to not give up. Thank you. Pelham. x

    • Thank you for you comments, Pelham. How terrible that you were forced to write with your right hand. I do think that it is the adversity (I’ve had a few dollops of it in my life as everyone does) in our lives that somehow spurts creativity. Good luck with your writing, I look forward to reading more in the near future.

  14. Hey, Jenny:

    Nice to learn more about you! I enjoyed reading this!

    Happy Writing!


  15. Hi Jenny. What an intrguing About page! I’m a Lancashire lass, too, and proud to be so. Lovely to.learn about you and I can only agree with you regarding the sheer joy of reading. As for writing … what a wonderful and uplifting ‘therapy’ it is.

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