Oh Emily
You roamed the moors
Day after day,
Your head filled with thoughts
Only you could say.
From where did those electrifying
Cadences arise?
You, a shy, gentle woman
Whose heartfelt cries
Captured the
Imagination of all
Near and wide.
Oh, Emily your life
Was cut short,
You were in your prime,
When life ebbed from you,
A poet sublime.
But your words live on
Oh Emily, who
Roams the moors still,
Death’s overcome
For words like yours
Our hearts
Forever will fill.


  1. Oh Jenny, Jenny with love a-plenty. Through your words your love of Emily shines through and I’m sure she knows and loves u, too! Great poem, Jen!

  2. Thank you, that is very kind of you.

  3. Good ode… she was a wonderful writer. You are as well!

  4. Catherine Kirby

    That’s beautiful Jenny!

  5. Thank you kindly Catherine!

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