AUG 2013 036

The Station Ghost

All alone in the station,
Late one night,
A figure faint and scary
Gives me fright

He floats down the stairs,
And beckons to me.
I stop and stare
Who could he be?

I pause and ponder,
It’s eerie, cold and dim,
So quiet in the station,
Should I follow him?

The figure glides on,
I’m drawn, can’t stop
Out of control now,
Feel ready to drop.

Sucked into a vacuum,
I have no power,
No-one around to help,
I can only cower.

Drifting, slowly down,
My will is his, I must go,
Drawn to the figure,
Going with the flow.

Floating, drifting now
I feel like I’ll drown,
Now at the edge,
He seems to frown.

I cannot resist,
So powerful is he,
But just as I jump
He grabs at me.

The train rushes by,
I open my eyes,
There’s no-one there,
And nobody dies.


  1. Creepy, Jenny. But loved the poem

  2. Thank you Judith.You don’t often have a tube station to yourself!

  3. Maybe the ghost freed himself by breaking the cycle and saving her. Nice poem.

  4. That’s the last time I watch a video on your site, sister! I just scared my roommate half to death hollering. 😉 Lovely poem though.

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