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A couple of weeks ago I was coming home alone late at night via the tube. (London Underground) When I walked into the station, I found it to be eerily and unusually quiet, with not a soul about. A YouTube film I had recently watched about a ghost filmed in a station came to my mind and I was seriously spooked! I took a picture of the empty stairwell and the following poem was born on the way home. Fear does strange things to your imagination.  

The Station Ghost

All alone in the station, late one night,

A figure faint and scary gives me fright.

He floats down the stairs and beckons to me.

I stop and stare. who could he be?

I pause and ponder, it’s eerie, cold and dim,

So quiet in the station, should I follow him?

The figure glides on, I’m drawn, can’t stop,

Out of control now, feel ready to drop.

Sucked into a vacuum, I have no power,

No-one around to help, I can only cower.

Drifting, slowly down, my will is his,

I must go, drawn to the figure,

Going with the flow, floating,

Drifting, I feel like I’ll drown.

Now at the edge, he seems to frown.

I cannot resist, so powerful is he,

But just as I jump,  he grabs at me.

The train rushes by, I open my eyes,

There’s no-one there, And nobody dies.

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  1. I am still trying to remember which station this is, but th ewords are almost ghostly and remind me of many late nights travelling alone after a late performance.

  2. Highly approve of nobody dying. 😉

  3. I think it might be Marylebone, Anne but I’m not 100% sure. I’ve taken quite a few underground photos. I think they are perfect places for ‘portals’ so always looking for inspiration!

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