I beguile, intrigue and create mystery.

Strong hands bore me

To where I stand now,

Toiling, sweating, labouring

To bring soul to me;

Stone circle of life,

Pathway to the sun.

I cause learned men to

Stare in awe and think of

How and why I stand.

So proud, so indefinable,

Yet undeniably spiritual.

I am incomprehensible,

To modern eyes.

But, oh, how I remember,

Days long gone; ancient times

When hunter gatherers

Laughed and wept,

Laid their dead to rest

And paid homage at this

Site most sacred.

I have witnessed happiness,

Love, hatred and war,

Joy, sadness and death.

I have an awesome  power,

Able to touch the hearts

Of the most humble or

Hard of humankind.

I can cause grown men

To weep and sigh.

Presidents, paupers and pagans

All revere and venerate me.

I beguile, intrigue, and create mystery.

I am at one with God

And the universe.


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